Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Weigh in

The last two weeks have been horrible. Lets re-cap.

Monday - Friday of last week.--- The FLU and aunt Flo.
Saturday - Tuesday -- Migraine Headache and Terrible snow storm.
Wednesday - My Husbands grandmother passed away and snow storm Still raging on.
Thursday - Made dinner for my neighbor. Ever made a double batch of spaghetti in a hurry... My kitchen looked like I murdered someone.Then spent most of the night cleaning up the disaster that I made.
Friday - Forgot about an early company meeting and panicked this morning when I only had 15 minutes to get ready.  So I weighed in, but I was half way dressed and much to busy to take a picture of the scale.

It read: 199.0  Boo.. I'm up a little... but I am not that surprised. With everything that has been going on... I am lucky if I have time to make my lunches or grab something healthy. I have been eating out of vending machines, and living in the drive thru.

Normally, I would be really upset and I would want to quit. However, I feel like something has finally clicked in my head.. I really want this and I want to keep going. No giving up. A year from now I want to look back and be proud of myself.

Here is a picture of me driving to work in the snow storm. Yep... I'm driving and taking a picture on my phone. 

This was the view on the way to work this morning. Looks like mother nature is trying to make up for all of the crappy weather last week. Also driving and taking a picture on my phone. 

On a bright note, I found the lean cuisine salad additions and they are SO yummy. And so healthy. I am for sure going to have to stock up on them. Its like a lean cuisine microwave meal, but you provide the lettuce and turn a blank salad into something awesome.

Here is hoping that everyone has a great weekend... and that things start looking up around here. :) 

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