Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Friday" Weigh in - And weekly Goals

Around November of last year, I hid my scale to it would know own me any more. I had become obsessed with the scale and what the number said, and I allowed that number to dictate my self worth. I believe I am finally in a place where that number will no longer rule me. So.. I got the scale out, and the number it showed we was shocking..

However, I did not let that get me down. I simply thought to myself.. well.. When I lose all of this weight, it will look even more impressive. Awesome, I have more weight to lose, and more to be proud of when it is gone. And my before and after pictures are going to be so much better!

I do want to admit that it is really hard for me to post this number. I really am opening myself up here and laying it all out in the open. Writing on a blog that anyone can read is very scary. However, I know that I have to take these risks, and allow myself to be vulnerable, or I will never grow.

So here goes nothing: 220.4.   (I weigh in first thing in the morning, wearing nothing but my skin and a smile. )

Now, I want to post about my goals and what I intend to do, so I never see that number again.

Goals for this week:
  1. Work out every day. Even if it is just walk with my doggy. I want to do something every day. 
  2. Eat clean Monday through Friday.  Nothing processed. Just good ol fashioned food. (Friday is Valentines day, and I am SO going out to eat on Saturday! )
  3. Eat under 1500 calories a day. Which is actually a lot of food if you are eating clean.
  4. Drink 100 oz of water a day. Not soda, not juice, not crystal lite.. just water. ( I will admit that I LOVE diet coke. I did quit caffeine, so I have been drinking caffeine free diet coke, and loving every minute of it.. but not this week.
I will report back mid week to let you know how I am doing. :) And every Friday, I am going to weigh in!

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