Friday, April 11, 2014

My fire has been lit!

Something clicked in me this week. My fire was lit and I am ready to rock! Maybe this happened because I hit a really high weight on the scale. Maybe this happened because summer is right around the corner. Maybe this happened because I cannot fit into my pants any more. But it happened!!!

In the past I have tried reward charts. And they never seem to work. This week I found a reward system that speaks to me. Its not only a reward chart, its also a punishment chart.  Here my goal for this week and part of next week.

I want to: Lose 6lbs By: Wed the 16th.  When I reach my goal I will reward myself by: Buying myself a book from Barnes and Noble. If I do not reach my goal I will punish myself by: Selling a pair of my skinny pants online.

I feel like I should start out with a disclaimer. Yes I know that 6lbs is a lofty goal. However, its the first week I have started eating healthier. Its also the first week I am starting running again. So its not a crazy goal that is unreachable. In fact, I am already half way there, and I have not been able to work out like I want to.

I feel so inspired, and like I can actually do it this time!

I do have a list of goal weights and rewards. But I do not have a list of punishments. I want to choose them each time, to really keep me motivated.

Because I am started out again at my highest weight ever this quote is my theme:

Here is to an awesome 2014!!!

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  1. So glad to see you back!!! I hear ya with the high weigh in - i stepped on the scale the other day and was shocked to see i have almost gained all of my weight back,,, I almost started crying.. but I decided it was the kick in the ass I needed and it light the fire under me as well.. We can do this!! <3