Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soo.. I lost a bet...

A few days ago a made a bet with a friend and I lost. My punishment was to plank in 10 places around the office and let her take pictures. I could not choose the places. And I could not say no.

I thought I would share my shame with you. Enjoy.

It starts out easy with the mail cart... nothing to it.
Then the garbage can. Other than breaking a boob by smashing it.. pretty easy.
The table outside. Once again.. easy peasy. 

Yuuup.. thats the fridge. I did dust it before I got up there.. however.. still gross.

Some shelves...

Some chairs.....

Reception desk....

The railing.. this one was hard to do, and I did start laughing...

Here I am laughing...

Across the stairs. This one was pretty tough because the stairs are wide.


And last but not least.. my co worker Zach.

 I hope that you all enjoyed my shame. And the randomeness. And the awesomeness of my work place which allows me to randomly plank without being fired.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. haha that is fabulous!!!! So what was the bet?

    1. She ate a hand full of chips and some salsa and I bet that she would not gain weight and she bet that she would. She ended up gaining 4 oz. :) Dang her!

  2. I just peed myself looking at these photos. Yor're hilarious! Love your blog!