Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Being your own Inspiration

The last few weeks have been rough on me. Seems like every night around 7:30 pm my stomach gets upset at me. I believe its something that I am eating, because it usually happens about 20 minutes after I eat dinner. (Good news is.. I'm not preggo. Phew! I love babies.. just not my time yet) My stomach makes working out really tough. So last week, I only worked out a few times. It was great and horrible all at the same time.

Great because I got so much house work done. My house has never been so clean and my laundry so caught up. However, I felt like crap.

Another reason the past few weeks have been rough is due to my work out buddies being busy. It's really hard to go to the gym by myself. Its hard to be motivated to go and lift weights without your buddy. I don't know about you.. but walking around the weight section all by yourself as a girl is really scary for me. The guys tend to watch you work out, and I HATE having an audience. I want to go and work out and not worry about men oogleing my goodies as I get hot and sweaty. :)

Any who.. I had to come to terms with myself. I had to sit myself down and have a chat. Why am I working out? Why am I eating healthy? Why do I want this so much? Its all for myself. So why can I not get my butt up and get myself to the gym in the mornings? Or Evenings? Why am I not motivation enough to work out.

I found out that I am. I AM worth getting up and working out. I AM worth going to the gym by myself. I AM worth moving all of the furniture in the living room and doing the 30 day shred every night. I AM! It was a huge moment for me. I break through of sorts.

Because of my pep talk, I decided that this week I was not going to miss a single work out. So far.. I have not. I have done the 30 day shred twice and I have "ran" twice. Ran is not really what happened.. I would jog as far as I could before I doubled over in pain, and then I would walk it off. Yuck... but I did it. I made it happen.

I urge... Demand... suggest.. plead.. that you all will have the same chat with yourself. Find your inner motivation. BE YOUR MOTIVATION!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

On a less serious note...   I found an app for my phone that makes you look fat...   Check out extra fat Paige...  If that's not motivation, then I do not know what is. - The app is called fat booth. Check it out.. its loads of fun.

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  1. Even Phat-Paige is HAWT! Woo!!

  2. Ummm no bad enough to look in the mirror no need to make it worse. LOL <3