Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Weigh in - And Weight loss jars

Well... Its slowing starting to melt away again. :)  I love it when the scale goes down. At this point, I will take any loss that I can get.

Remember.. Time is going to pass, and you can either be losing weight, gaining weight or staying the same. I figure, If I am losing anything at all.. its GREAT!

A long time ago I made myself some weight loss jars and I set them in my bathroom. I was going to move a jewel every time I lost or gained weight. This way I could have a visual of how awesome I was doing when I lost weight. After months of never using it, I decided I was going to bring it to work and start making myself accountable.

Here they are... Howe cute are they!. I have no idea how many jewels are in the pounds to lose jar, however, I cannot wait for the day when its empty! 


And just for fun.. Here is a picture of the mountains that I live by. Fall is definitely here, and I LOVE it! I swear I live in the most beautiful place ever. You should all be jealous!! 

I tried something new with my eye makeup this morning and I was going to try and take a picture to show you.. However the HUGE ZIT right between my eyes kept distracting me... Its hard to take a sexy picture of yourself when you feel like a pubescent girl. So I took this photo instead. 

On that note... have a great weekend!

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