Saturday, January 12, 2013

Being accountable.... :(

So.. its time I am accountable to everyone. Its time I explain why I have been avoiding writing anything about weight loss....

I lost my mojo. I lost my drive. I lost my willpower. I ate like a crazy woman... and I am paying for it now.

My grand finale weight after November and December is 203.2. YIKES!!!  Its embarrassing! and it means that I have to start over.

But do you know what else this means.... It means that I am HUMAN! I made some mistakes. I fell down. However... I am getting back up and I am using my mistakes to push me in the right directions. And as long as I never give up.. then I never will fail.

So.. what are my goals and plans for the future...   
  • I want to lose 50 lbs this year. That will put me around 150 and that would be AMAZING!!! 
  • I want to beat my fastest half marathon time. 
  • I want to start training for a full marathon.  .
  • I want to become strong and look very toned

How am I going to obtain those goals:

Me and my friend Ashley are starting out slowly and we are making ourselves a daily to do and daily not to do list. Here is what it includes:
  • No eating after 7 pm
  • Drink 100 oz of water a day
  • Only 1 cheat meal a week
  • 500 calories of Sugary yummyness a week
  • Lift/cross train 4 times a week
  • Run three times a week, and push ourselves to run faster
  • Overall Healthy choices and watching what we eat
If we can do all of that for the rest of January, then we get to go get a pedicure. If we make it all the way to the end of February, then we get to go buy a new pair of pants.

I will post a picture of my star chart when I have it built!!  

Why to I want to hit those goals: 
  • So I can buy and wear cute clothes. Right now, I never buy cute clothes.. because they either do not look good on me, or I do not want to spend money on clothes when I plan on getting smaller soon. 
  • I want to boost my self esteem. 
  • I want to love myself more. 
  • I want people to look at me and think I am athletic. Right now, people see me and they would have no idea that I can go and run, and I can lift weights with the best of them. 
  • I want to look like the person that I feel like I am on the inside. 
  • I want to treat myself better. 
Can I just say how excited I am to get the ball rolling. To have a goal and to have the actions in place to hit that goal. And to have a buddy/friend that will help me make it. As she inspires me to get fit and skinny, I hope to inspire her to become a runner.

Here is to another new start. :)

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  1. You can do it girl! I fell in a HUGE rut from July until-January, and now I am back on track.
    You and I aren't far in terms of stats- I am 5'7", although my highest weight (ever) was 214. But at least now you know what you did wrong and how you can fix it!