Monday, January 7, 2013

Yup... I am still alive.

I am back!!!! Sorry that I took such a long break from my blog. I promise not to do that again.... until Christmas time 2013. Then.. I am pretty sure its going to happen again.

I figure I will give you a breakdown of my christmas and new years on this post, and then tomorrow post about losing weight and being awesome there... :)

This is how my Christmas started. With an awesome breakfast!! MMM!!!

We then opened presents at our house, and then drove down to my parents house.

At my parents house, my niece used her new make up kit to make my mom and I beautiful!

This is what we did on new years... Hung out at the house with our dog. Here she is yawning!!!
Here is my hubby and my doggy.. just hanging out reading... Waiting until midnight.

And I started out the new year right.. by having a Yummy salad for lunch!! Home made!
And... just for fun.. here I am driving to work. :)
My holidays were super fun.. and not at all diet friends. But do not fear.. I have some awesome goals that I am working on right now!! I will tell you all about them tomorrow!!

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