Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Weigh in...

Hey all... Its Friday and I should have weighed in this morning... But I didn't. I'm still sick...

Truth is... Today I don't care.

I got up and I wanted to get to work as fast as I could so I could get my work done and get home. Last night I went to bed at 7 pm and I did not wake up until 7 am this morning. My nose is a faucet... and the sinus pressure in my head is killing me. Slight fever.

Ok.. so I am a little dramatic when I get sick and all of my self control goes out the window. So I eat like crap.. which makes me feel even more yucky. Then I eat more crap cause I feel yucky... which makes me feel worse.  Essentially.. I just wallow in my sickness. :)

I am hoping to feel enough better by tomorrow that I can go and run for a little while. We will see....

Here is a picture of sick little me...   My eyes are glazed over.. my nose red... and WOW.. my mirror is dirty... :)

But here I am. In all my sick glory. 

Next week will be better. I will be feeling better and I will be back to kicking butt and taking names. :)

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