Monday, November 25, 2013

Reasons to Lose Weight

 I am starting out this week with all of the reasons I want to lose weight!

Finally Dress in my style
Run a half in less than 2 hours
To make Tye "Randy Baby"!
Wear Swimming Suits
Love Shopping
Love Myself
Believe that others can love me
To get double looks
To have self control
Be an example to future kids
Become a better me
Be Disciplined
Wear a little black dress and rock it
Make a promise to myself and keep it
Beat my Fears
Shove it down the throat of everyone who said I couldn't
To shut up the judgy bitches
Live Longer
Clearer Skin
better Sex
More Sex
Vacation pictures I am proud of
Become an Athlete
To have a transformation Picture
Take up less space
To shut myself up
Feel beautiful
feel beautiful without Make up
To look Hott in pants!
To not be the fat friend
master myself
to be able to control my appetite
to win
not let the scale scare me
fit into all of my clothing
When I dress up make Tye's jaw drop

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