Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jumping Back In - Before the New Year Even!

The last few months have been really rough. Hormone treatments, sprained ankles, half marathons without training, and worst of all I went up in inches, and I gained weight. The inches are worse than the weight!  I gained 18 lbs, and I went up SO many inches. My waist is 7 inches bigger. My thighs are each 3 inches bigger. I had to get new pants, new shirts, and there is nothing from my old closet that fits. And they were already my fat pants.

I have tried my best to keep my chin up and look to the future and know that all of the treatments we are doing now will help me... but then....

This morning I found stretch marks on my tummy! AAHAAHhh... YIKES! 

So I decided that I was done with all of the hormone treatments. I am done with feeling yucky. I am done gaining weight. I am for sure done growing in size. I am done hating my body. I am done with stretch marks. I am done buying new clothes. I am done feeling insecure. I am done huffing and puffing.

And I am going back to the gym. I am going to run like I did before. I am going to lift more than ever before and I am going to lose these pounds and these inches. Most importantly the inches. I am going to start loving myself. I am going to make myself proud. I am going to start wearing my old clothes. I am going to start turning heads when they see the incredible shrinking woman.

Its all starting on Monday. I will post my weight and I will post my inches. And I will say goodbye to all of my dignity. And I will dig in and get going. And I will post my weekly goals.

The best part of all:  I found a new work out buddy. My little brother. In the past we have had a rocky relationship, and I am hoping this will mend the broken bonds.

Normally at this time of year, I will wait and start a new work out regiment at the beginning of the year, but the stretch marks did it for me. I cannot let that happen to my body. I have to start doing something right away.

So here we go!

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  1. I missed reading your posts!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!