Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nutrition Expert and Pain Inducer!

Earlier this week I met with an nutrition expert. This guy is also a personal trainer. I spent 4 hours talking to him about nutrition and how your body works and why people have such a hard time losing weight when they eat healthy and work out.

I do not have time to type down all 4 hours of things I learned, so I will give you a few steps. One at a time. Starting with the easiest and best.   DON'T EAT ANYTHING 3 HOURS BEFORE YOU GO TO BED AND EAT SOMETHING WHEN YOU FIRST WAKE UP!

Lets start with eating when you first wake up. Our bodies were not built for this day and age. We were built for the cave man days. Where you either had more food than you could eat and keep fit to eat, or you were starving. Feast and famine. When you go for a long period of time without eating, your body thinks that its a time of famine and it saves ever morsel you eat and stores it as fat. And when you work out while not eating enough food, your body thinks that you spent all day chasing a rabbit for dinner and did not catch it. So it saves even more of your food and stores it as fat. However, if you wake up and eat your body says.. hey.. We have food. When we eat again, we do not need to eat as much. And we do not need to store it as fat. Even if you just have a piece of fruit and some water, it will do the trick. Then, make sure to eat something light in between your meals. I'm talking cheese stick or a handful of almonds. Just something small to tell your body that you are doing ok. There is plenty of food around here. No need to store anything.

Now.. eating at night. We all do this. Ice cream before bed.. Heck.. Ice cream in bed. Cookies in the bedside table. I believe that all junk food tastes better after 9 pm. Its a proven fact! You can have some left overs in the fridge for three days.. and every time you open the fridge.. there is not a chance that you are going to eat them. Then.. its 11 pm. Your restless. Can't sleep. You open the fridge, and BAM! That food is now the most scrumptious thing you have ever laid eyes on. So you cram it down your throat. Happily!! Why is it that we do this?? WHY!!!    Well.. let me tell you. At night, when you have not eating, your body starts to eat your fat. (True story) Sounds to good to be true right! Well we have taught our bodies to not eat our fat. When our cells get hungry we have it tell our brain to feed us, and since our brain is so smart its now a habit to eat food rather than fat So when our body starts to eat our fat, our brain the obedient little creature it is.. says ... whoa whoa whoa.. stop that.. We eat food around here. Not fat. This is when we walk into the kitchen and chow down on KFC that we had for dinner 2 nights ago.    Did you know that you can burn more FAT calories in one night than you can working out at the gym for an hour a day every day. Running the whole time.  (Notice I said fat calories, not just calories, later we will go more in depth on this subject)

By doing the two simple steps above.. you WILL lose weight. Slowly and correctly and the way you are supposed to. Its how your body works. EVERY BODY. Science has proved it. And we all continue to prove it as we shuffle to the kitchen night after night.. eating food we really don't want to eat.

(Now some of you might be saying.. whoa.. you told us to eat so we are not in a famine, and then you told us not to eat so we can burn fat. I know.. I know.. Its the time of day that makes all of the difference. And its how fast your heart is beating that is the key. Your heart slows down at night and your body does what it was trained to do before your brain got into a silly habit. During the day when your heart is beating fast and you are in working mode.. you need to eat. If you have more questions, send me an e-mail and I will go into more depth)

As for the pain inducing part of the title. (If your even still reading...) I worked out with the above mentioned trainer and we did a calf work out. Holy shit snacks. I could not walk. I hobbled around work for three days. I hobbled around the gym. I hobbled to baby showers and through furniture stores. I have never been through so much pain in my life. And I have no pride left. However, my trainer did prove to me and himself that I will stick with it. I was still at the gym every day, even though I could not look people in the eye as I gimped along. He proved that I can do hard things, and that if I really want it, I can look like Jessica Beil one day. I choose to look like her in the picture below.

Love you ladies! Be healthy this weekend and NO visiting the fridge in your jammies. Unless you are starting out your day!

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