Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sometimes, it is in our moments of weakness and fear, that we come to discover just how extraordinary we really are.

My Friend posted a story on her facebook page... and I stole part of it.   Why.. because it speaks to me.
 Now, once upon a couple of weeks ago, I had a freaking awesome dream: I was enjoying myself at Disneyland, when all of the sudden, all of this water came flooding into the park. For some reason I was terrified of water, and to make it even worse, there were these gigantic sea creatures in the water coming for me. Coming right at me to my left, there was an angry, dark purple octopus, whose body was the size of a standard McDonald's restaurant. As I ran away from it, a flood of water swirled around in front of me and inside of it were two ginormous eels (who resembled the shrieking eels from 'The Princess Bride', only bigger). I found myself surrounded, until this lady pulled me up onto a sail boat that randomly appeared out of no where, as the water grew deeper underneath us. The animals starting attacking the boat, rocking it until I finally lost my balance and fell, griping on to a thin rope that connected to the mast. The lady reached down to pull me back up, but the monsters knocked the boat again, and my grip slipped and I fell into the water. As I sank beneath the waves, an extraordinary thing happened: I looked towards my feet, expecting to see feet, when instead I saw underneath my torn jeans, a gorgeous, flowing tail, that was thin and billowy towards the edges almost like that of a goldfish, and rich with the bright colors of the sunset on a cloudy day. I had turned into a mermaid! Whaaat??? And that was when the chorus of the song, 'Silent All These Years' by Tori Amos started playing in my head: "But what if I am a mermaid in these jeans..." I looked and saw the eels coming after me, and I used my new found Barbie mermaid tail to swim and dart around obstacles and outsmart them until I lost them. I found the boat and climbed back on it. Then the prince showed up in his boat, who, for some reason, was Bill Pullman from Casper, and I got on board his boat and told him how I had no idea that all this time, I was really a mermaid. He took me below his boat saying, "I want to show you something," and showed me this swordfish, whose eye was bigger than a person, and told me that this fish's eye had become infected, and while he was studying it's eye, he discovered that this fish could see many, many times more than a human being, and pointed out that he would've never discovered this, had the fish not gotten sick, forcing him study it more closely to find a cure. And he said to me, "Sometimes, it is in our moments of weakness and fear, that we come to discover just how extraordinary we really are."

Bill Pullman from Casper, in my dreams, is a genius.

I have been thinking about this dream a lot. Why do our weaknesses and fears make us stronger? They, themselves, don't. They are an obstacle in our path. It is when we choose to overcome them, and find the courage to face our fears and triumph over our weakness; that moment when we break down the wall that was holding us back, THAT is when we realize that there is no limit to what we can do. To what we can become! We make ourselves stronger, in that moment that we make that choice. In finding the cure for our ailment, the path through the obstacle before us, we discover things about ourselves that we never knew, and those are the things that make us extraordinary.

Maybe you are a mermaid or a *puts on best Zoolander impression ever* merMAN, "in those jeans of his with her name still on it…"

See... That's super inspirational. Here is why it speaks to me... I am AFRAID! I get so scared that I will work out and eat healthy and still be chunky. I am scared that I will fail. Losing weight should not be something that frightens a person... but it does! To more people than just me. 
 However..  it is in our moments of weakness and fear, that we come to discover just how extraordinary we really are!!
  I am ready to keep going and never quit!!

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