Tuesday, June 26, 2012

24 hours with no candy or soda, and I am still alive!!!!

Yes... I went one whole day without any sweets or soda. And I lived!!! I even went to the gym last night and ran a 9:30 mile and lifted weights. (Yep, I wore my broken shoes, and I still rocked that mile! BAM!)

I did however eat a 4th of a pizza for dinner. I did post a loss on the scale, however not a huge one. You know what.. screw that...  Yesterday I did f-in awesome!! I had a goal of not eating any candy and going to the gym, and I hit my goal! I did what I set out to do!!

I have this goal of cutting out sugary sweets completely this week. On Sunday we are having a birthday party, slash fathers day party, slash birthday party. Yep. Two birthdays and fathers day. And I plan on eating me some cake! In moderation of course, becasue I also have this goal of being in the 180's to stay by next week.

I know.. I know.. Huge goal... But I know I can hit that goal!

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