Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Miles :)

Me and My Friend Noel are going to run a half marathon together in July and I am so excited!! Its a new run for me, and I get to be with one of my most favorite people.

We decided to go on a few long runs together to see how we pace and make sure we are not going to slow each other down. I was really scared about the run today because I have been a slacker for the last two weeks and I have not been running like I should. I do have some pretty great excuses though.. broken shoes.. shoes in the mail.. its too bloody hot.....  

Well we started off really well and we went the first 4 ish miles really well. Then the shade went away, and with it went all of my motivation. I had no desire to run my happy little ass the next three miles. It was hot, I was tired, and it was all sun shiney. Those three things are the recipe for me to not care any more.

However, with Noel by my side and after a walk for about 20 minutes. we ran the rest of the way and made it to my house all sweaty and awesome.

My new shoes were awesome, however I did get some blisters. I am now 100% convinced its the way I run and nothing to do with the shoes. The last three pairs of shoes cannot be at fault. I believe when I lost 20lbs, i started to run different, and now that I have put all of that weight back on, my body is wondering what the F is wrong with me.

Why whoo... here is a picture of me and Noel about 5 miles in. Noel is rocking the shades and I am in the pink... looking all red and tired.

Oh.. I took the picture today of me in my Green shorts. I will post it tomorrow and you guys can all check out how awesome I look in shorts that wont zip up. I am still super excited for the day when I put those bad boys on and they fit awesomely... and then even more excited for the day when they start to get lose on me.

Have a great weekend, and make healthy choices!

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