Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A plateau and I cannot be more happy about it!

I have been so worried about gaining all of the weight back that I lost during my ragnar race. Yesterday I counted my calories (1147 calories) , and I went to spin class. And at 6:30 I was done eating.

My husband was eating blue Mike & Ikes. They are my FAVORITE!  I could smell them all the way across the room. And yet.. I did not have one. And then he saved me some ice cream.. and I did not eat it. Oh man.. I deserve a trophy or something.

I guess I was rewarded.....   I weighed in this morning and I was still at 192.0. Ya'll must think I am crazy to be happy about a mini plateau, but I am. This means that if I do really good today, I should be able to see a loss.

Here goes nothing!!

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