Friday, June 29, 2012

Butt Crack of Dawn

Yepp... I have started working out in the mornings again. I get up around 5:15 and head out to the gym.

Its a love hate relationship. I love that I can get my work out done and over with for the day. I love how awesome I feel afterwards, and I LOVE feeling like a bad a** cause I can do something that my husband thinks I will wimp out on. :)

I hate getting up early... 

So.. last night I was SO hungry that I ate a bagel at 10:30 at night. And I might have went over my calorie intake by about 500 calories... and I saw the difference on the scale last night... Oh well.. I am still down a bit from Monday, so I have to take it all in stride..

I am proud of myself for tracking my calories, and for knowing what it was that I did wrong. In the past I have gained a little bit back and non known why and it has pushed me to the point of breakdown and wanting to give up. Not this time!!!

Here is to an awesome weekend.. and a little bit of cake!

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