Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting to know me!

I thought it would be nice if I did a post all about me. Whenever I talk about something I read on a blog, I always say.. My friend said....    I really do feel like you guys are my friends. I know who you are. I know your goals and your motivation. And I want you guys to feel the same way about me.

So here is a picture guide of me and things that I love.  

This is me as a little kid. I was adorable.

 This is me in High school. I am in the plaid shirt on the motorbike. Yipes.. no wonder I never got asked on a date in High school.

This is me now. I cut my hair off really short. Usually I wear it long.

 This is me and my hubby right around two years ago. Isn't he hott!! Love him!

Me and Tye live with his Mom to save us money while he goes to college. His mom is on the right and my mom is on the left. I have the best two Moms in the entire world. And for the record, I do love living with my Monther in Law.

This is a picture of my jeep. For labor day we took it off roading and went to the top of some pretty awesome mountains. And yes.. those are pink coils! :)

This is my motorbike.

This is my dog Sheisa. Yes Shiesa is the German word for shit. :) This little dog is my baby!  She has the worst under bite ever. And I love it!

Other random facts:
I have four brothers and no sister.
I am the middle child. Yep, two younger brothers and two older brothers.
I am a tom boy.
I do not smoke or drink
My vice is sugar. Any kind. Any time. Any where. Cannot get enough.
I usually don't wear make up. Mainly because I would rather sleep in.
I have been married for just over three years.
No kiddos yet. Maybe in a few years I will entertain that idea.

And that is me in a nut shell. :)  I hope you guys are having a fabulous day!

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  1. Love the little peak inside your non-weightloss life :) Thanks for sharing


  2. I'm a fellow fit camper, way to go on your weight loss! I am just like you in the fact that I am addicted to sugar and would rather sleep in than put on make up...totally following you now, you can totally rock this!

  3. Love getting to know you!!! So glad to find you on the fitcamp and can't wait to follow you on this journey. TOTALLY stealing that AvoMayo recipe too! YUMMO!!!!!