Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday goals, Weekend Pictures and accountability

Here are the goals that I posted last week:

Run Every day this left this week
Lift Weights every day this week
Eat the way I have been taught to eat.

Well.. I hit NONE of them. Last week was horrible for me. I did really good until Friday. I was working out, running and watching what I ate. Friday came and I ate everything in sight. I stayed home and had a great relaxing weekend, that killed my weight loss goals. I thought about the gym.. but I did not go. Today I am ready to kick butt and take some names. Nothing like gaining 6 pounds in three days that makes you want to kick some butt.  (Yipes!! Yes.. 6 pound gain. Its from what I ate, but also because of TOM.)

Well.. Here are my goals for this week:

Follow my running schedule this week.
At least three full body lifts.
Drink at least 100 oz of water every day
Eat the way I have been taught to eat.
And last but not least... do not gain it all back while camping. 

I am so excited to go camping... I cannot stand it. But until my butt is on the mountain, it better be in the gym, and out of the kitchen!!!

Remember on Friday when I posted that I was going to run down the canyon with my nephew. They forgot to bring over his stroller. So we stayed home and watched Disney channel and played.

Check out his mohawk! I love that kid!

Even rock stars with awesome mohawks get sleepy.

 He is waving good bye to my dog as he drives off on his tractor. I hope my kids are as cute as my brothers kids. Cause seriously.. my brothers have the cutest kids.

And... Here I am.. Hanging out in the Jeep waiting for my husband. I am not sure how it is at your house.. but at my house, I spend as much time waiting on him, as he spends waiting on me.Good thing I love him. :)

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  1. You go can meet those girls. Cute pic! Your nephew is adorable!

  2. Here is to an awesome week for ya!! I have to wait for Les too. He doesn't understand that I can go from almost naked for the past 45 minutes to completely ready in 5. He tries to gauge his timing off of me. Never works! Smooches xx