Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Goals

Good Morning Everyone!!! This week I am so motivated!!! So I have some ambitious goals!

Monday: 4.5 Mile Run
Tuesday: 3 Mile run - Weights
Wednesday: 4.5 Mile run
Thursday: Weights
Friday: 1 hour cross train
Saturday: 8 Mile Run - Weights

Yeah! Those are some goals!!!

I thought I would take a picture of myself today..  Well. I was still getting into place when it took the picture and  I was in a rush, so I just left it. So... Enjoy an awkward photo of me.

And, I wanted to show you guys what I did yesterday. I made baby onesies for a boutique. Some of them just have something on the front, others have ruffle butts. Personally.. I think they are all adorable.

What are your goals for this week???

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  1. LOVE those ruffle bottoms!!! I think my baby girl NEEDS them!

    And good luck with the runs this week! I cannot get to the 4.5 miles outside for some reason! I can happily do it on the treadmill, outside I hit 4 miles and I am all "Oh! time to get home!" Maybe I just need to run really far away from my house so I have to push past it!

  2. Maybe that is what I need - goals to get me moving. I may have to try that. :) BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :) Check it out


  3. I wish I could run as far as you do! You are doing so awesome and I love how you measure your body fat too. You are a true motivator (especially to me) keep on rocking it girl! Also thank you soon much for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award :) I'm going to do my post about it tonight, :)