Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday Goals... On a Tuesday

Good Morning Ya'll. I decided to post Monday goals.. on Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday and I was no where near a computer.

Here goes nothing:


Run Every day this left this week
Lift Weights every day this week
Eat the way I have been taught to eat. (This means healthy protiens, grains, lots of veggies and good fruits)

Yesterday I did not lift weights, but I did do a lot of hiking. And I ate clean until I had Mexican for dinner. So.. Monday.. Fail. :)

I do want to show you guys something that is a win! My self esteem is going up. As of right now, I am down 20 lbs. Hurray!! Look at the difference in the picures I have taken of me:

The first one is me last summer. I never weighted myself so I have no idea where I was at. Judging by the size of my arms.. I know I was much bigger than I am now. I am betting I was around 215. I have some pants that I wore at that time, and they are too big for me.  Most importantly:  look at how I hid myself. Never ever ever letting anyone take a full body picture of me. I had such low self esteem. 

I am in the black dress hiding behind the girl with the teal skirt on. I am guessing I was around 215 lbs because of the size of clothing I was in.

And this is me now. Me and my sister in law took these pictures before we ran the Ragnar in June. Full body shot.. ok.. but lets do something stupid. In the picture below I was around 195 lbs. Still not where I want to be, but my self esteem is going up and I am not afraid to have my picture taken.

I am in all black on the left. Around 195 lbs.

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  1. LOVE LOVE that you are coming out of hiding so to speak. Have an excellent week!

    smooches Ang

  2. I am SO happy I saw your post on Facebook! You look amazing and I definitely want to follow your journey since we are close to the same place right now and looks like we are trying to do much of the same things (I weigh more right now.) Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Oh, and I also have PCOS! So glad I found your blog!!!

    1. I am so glad you found me too! I just went and subscribed to your blog. I can never ever have too many friends! :) Once thing I noticed is that you are not eating very much food. Try eating more food that is better for you. More fruits and veggies, and less processed foods. Once I did that, my pounds came off a little faster. Still not as fast as I want them too.. but it was easier to see results. :)