Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Weigh in -- umm.. Pass And losing weight with PCOS

Today should be my weigh in day. I weigh in at home almost every day, and yesterday I was looking good. I was down from last week, and I was feeling good.

However, this morning was a disaster. Its a girly disaster. Cramping.. bloating.. you know.. all that. And my weight reflected.  This also affected my work outs. I am tired and cranky and moody. So I decided to save my emotions, and I passed for this weeks weigh in.

However, good new!! I went to my dr and asked them why I can work out two times a day and eat healthy and not lose weight. Something has to be going on. And we found out exactly what the problem is. I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Well.. I have known that since I was 14.. nothing new there. What I did find out that was new is the fact that I am insulin resistant.

Insulin resistant... Wha??   I had her explain it to me in kindergarten terms.. and this is what it means. When you eat food, your body breaks it down turns it into sugar in your blood and then the insulin come in and turns it into energy. Diabetics cannot control their insulin, so some times their blood sugar gets really high, or really low. My body makes insulin. It just does not care. No need for that. My body will not let the insulin make that blood sugar into energy. Instead my body stores it.  (remember.. this is kindergarten terms...)

So I was prescribed something that will make my body use that insulin. Its not a magic weight loss pill, its not going to solve all of my weight loss woes.. however, it will help me to preform better. I should be able to have more energy and not store so much food as fat.

This prescription however is going to make me pretty sick for a little while. But, its going to be worth it. I just have to stick it out. So wish me luck. And maybe I will weigh in on Monday when I am not so emotionally attached to the number on the scale.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Smart girl! I skip weigh-ins now and then too for the same reason. Sometimes I know I'm just don't have the mental energy to deal with the number. Hang in there with the medical issues. This is real life. If you want this for forever you have to figure out how to have setbacks and keep on going.