Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday - Goals for the week

So.. Last week I fell a little short on my goals.. so I decided to have the same goals again for this week. But adding something extra in... I just might kill myself.

25 miles
3 spin classes
3 weights days
30 Day shred - 6 days 

So far today... I have ran a mile and lifted weights. Yikes.. Pray for me. This is going to be a rough week. However, If I survive it, I should have some lost weight to brag about Friday Morning!

I got the pictures from the 5K that I ran on the 4th of July. Wow. I looked horrible in all of them. Here is the best of the worst:

Yes.. My eyes are closed. I almost look like I am sleeping or something. Hhmm.. guess at the next race I will have to try and look more bad a-- in my pictures so I have something funner to post. :)

Oh.. yesterday me and my husband drove up the mountains to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Look at these mountains... I am so lucky to live 10 minute away from here. This is right above Sundance. 

And I brought my phone with me to work today... So I can now show you the picture I took of my scale on Friday. 

Last but not least... My updated goals so far:

1 mile done.  24 left to go. 
0 spin classes done. 3 left to go.  
1 weights day done.  2 left to go. 
0 30 day shred days done. 6 left to go. 

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  1. You go girl. Lilly and I are working on the same thing. 1200 calories and low carbs, under 50 per day, hoping to switch our bodies from using carbs for fuel to using the body fat for fuel. It leaves little or no energy for exercising but we are trying. 10 lbs down in 2 weeks and it is not all water. If I can do this, I will never go back to a carb diet again. No more bread, potatoes, pasta or Pepsi. It will be worth it if I can just flip the switch. There is more to life than the high I get off of eating carbs, there has got to be. Maybe there will be a high to match it from looking and feeling good. Maybe soon I'll be able to exercise like you are and build the muscle I'd like to have too. You keep it up kid, you can do it. Love you, Dona

    1. Wow!! 10 lbs in two weeks!! That's great! I have working out down to a T... however the eating right part.. is seriously lacking! I need to follow your example and eat better. I am sure I would lose the weight faster. Love you too!!

  2. You look great in that picture! Down with body bashing, you really do look good. Good luck on your goals for this week...making specific goals is awesome!