Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Weigh In

There is always something that one can improve on.. always more that can be done..   blah blah blah.. The trick to life is doing your very best, and being damn proud of what you accomplished. And if you did not do your best.. then get that booty up.. and get going. Make yourself proud.

Well.. I am sure that I could have lost more weight.. I could have ran harder, ate less... blah blah... Whatever. I am damn proud of myself. I did my best and this is the result that I have for it.

It was foggy in the bathroom.. so my camera lense got a little foggy.. sorry.   But LOOOKK!! I'm in the 180's!

In the last two weeks I went from 193.2 to 188.8. That is a 4.4lb loss in two weeks. A healthy loss that I should be able to maintain. I want to work my butt off and never ever see the 190's again.

I love that I am on my way.. I love that I have not given up yet. And I love that I have something to be proud about. :)

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  1. NICE WORK!!! That is something to be very proud of! I hit my 5% of my body weight gone last night at my weigh-in at Weight Watchers!!! Yahoo to a slow and steady weight loss journey!

  2. That's awesome girl!! You're doing great!!