Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly goals

I started out this blog with a Monday weigh in. After having two bad weekends, I have decided to move the weekly weigh in to Fridays and to have a Motivational Monday.

I come back from the weekends, and I am usually up just a little, and I usually am a little sad and burned out. No one likes to see the scale go up. However on Fridays, I am feeling good. Its the last day before the weekend. I have been good all week. I have motivation to try and get me through the weekend. Its a great day. So Friday Weigh ins... Woo Hoo!!

This means Mondays need to be replaced. And they need to be awesome. I am going to start having weekly goals that have nothing to do with weight loss. I want to start being more athletic, and working out more.

So my goals for this week:

Run 25 miles total.
Go to 3 Spin Classes
Lift Weights 3 times. 

Those are some pretty hefty goals. I will tell you what I hit last week:

I ran 13 Miles. At Most. I know I hit at least 12.  ( I kinda did not track everything like I should have... )
I went to one spin class. It was on Tuesday.
I lifted weights Twice.
This means that I have my work cut out for me this week.

 and blast from the past picture... Here I am a few weeks ago at Ragnar. I'm horrible at taking pictures.. I guess I need to get better. After all.. who wants to look at a blog with no pictures.

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