Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life has a way of ruining my plans. :)

So I started off the week with some awesome goals. It was going to be great, I was motivated, determined, and then life happened. Bare with me as I give you a bit of a back story.

Most of you do not know that I currently live with my Mother in Law. I have for almost three years, and for all of my married life. Sounds horrible right... well WRONG! :)   At first, it was pretty rough. Getting used to a new husband, and all of his quirks, and then getting used to living in someones house... We are lucky our marriage survived the first few months. Living there is now the biggest and best blessing in my life. I love my Mother in Law and we get along famously. I love being able to save a bit of money as my husband is going through school. I am going to miss living there when we move out.

On Monday my Mother in Law went into the ER. She started having strange stomach pains on Saturday and waited it out until Monday to make sure it was really something serious. She had an MRI and met with a urologist, pharmacist, and her family dr. Spending time in the hospital with her was more important than any fitness goals I might have had.

She ended up having a cyst on her kidney. And they said its the simple kind. There is a tiny chance that it could be cancerous, but they were not at all worried about it, and said that we should not worry about it either. They sent her home with some pain medications and told her to come back in 6 months so they could check it out again. Phew. It was great news!!!

Yesterday I ended up missing spin class again because I wanted to get home and make dinner and take care of Mom. But I did go to the gym in the morning, and I did run at night.

So here are my updated stats as of right now. ( I did work out this morning as well... thats three mornings in a row ya'll) I will not be able to hit all of my goals this week either, however I am not worried. Family will always come first.

5 mile done.  19 left to go. 
0 spin classes done. 3 left to go.  
2 weights day done.  1 left to go. 
0 30 day shred days done. 6 left to go.  

On a side note I tried something new....

YUMMM!!!   They are SO delicious!  I may or may not have had one for breakfast today. If you have not tried them out.. Try one.

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